Affiliate Marketing Simply Explained

Affiliate Marketing Simply Explained

Affiliate marketing is when you promote (promote) your partner’s product and send traffic to your website.

In most cases, you will get a commission when visitors purchase this product, but other programs will give you a commission.

If you simply drive traffic to your partner’s page (Pay Per Click) or a compressed page and visitors sign up for your newsletter (Pay Per Lead), you will be paid based on the number of visitors who signed up.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that it is practically easy to sign up for an affiliate program and then immediately place your partner’s ad on your page. 

After registering, you will receive a link (hoplink), banners of different sizes, email slides, the content of the sales page, and sometimes product descriptions that you can put on your page.

When your visitor clicks on one of the ads and buys the product on the other side, you will earn a commission that can range from 10% to a whopping 75% or more. You can read about commissions on your partner’s affiliate page even before signing up.

Most websites and partners will pay you when you reach a certain amount, which is approximately $ 50 or $ 100 per program per partner.

Some great affiliate marketing programs like,, Here are many products that you could promote. Just choose a category and read the product reviews carefully.

But before promoting any product, I recommend doing a little research on forums, blogs, etc. See what people who have tried this product say to know if it is a quality product or not. This is reflected on your side. 

You don’t want to promote a bad product because you are losing customers. I know you will say that when a product is bad, and the customer is not satisfied, the seller’s problem is, but how did that visitor get to the sales page? From his announcement, from his website! 

That is why it is important to know what he is selling. Yes, everyone wants to sell and earn high commissions, but it is more important to have happy customers who are likely to come back for more in the long run.

Another thing to consider is not to advertise products from too many programs on your site. It would be better to choose a program with a wider variety of products, as you may hit the $ 50 or $ 100 limit where you get paid faster.

If you choose one product from each program, you may reach this limit much later and not soon enjoy the fruits of your labour.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can get started without investing in the program. You can even create a free blog, but to be successful, you must consider the following: 

  • Drive traffic to your blog
  • Carefully choose the partner program
  • With which blog post, which product should be Promoted
  • Continually testing the advertising space